Roll 4: Photographing Snow is Tough

As some of you may remember, in Roll 2 I posted pictures of the frozen Charles. I mentioned in that post that I wasn't entirely pleased with the results. Yesterday it was snowing and I decided to try redeeming myself. I failed.

I took a walk in the Fens, and brought along a roll of Ilford Delta 100 (I figured with this much snow, it's practically black and white already) I am not sure whether it was the time of day, the film or the fact that I shot B&W, but most of the frames have no contrast. Next time I will wait until later in the afternoon, and try and capture some more interesting light. Or perhaps I will shoot color. If you have any thoughts or suggestions on photographing snow, feel free to frop a comment below.

Anyhow, we have a blizzard on the way to Boston so I will try this again soon.

For now though, here are the couple frames from this roll that I liked (the snowman is by far my favorite, he has a great Toupée):


52 Rolls: Roll 1

I am very excited to be particiating in the awesome 52 rolls project this year. As you may have guessed the goal of the project is to shoot one roll of film a week, every week, for a year. I'll be creating a blog post like this one for each roll, and posting them both here on my main blog as well as on the 52 rolls blog.

Below is the main post for my first roll:

Hey everybody!

My name is Ze'ev, I am based in Boston, MA and I only recently started shooting film. My main goal with this project is to get myself shooting more consistently. I find that I often en up shooting in bursts. I'll go crazy for a week or two and then not pick up a camera for a month, but I'd like to get back to just taking my camera everywhere, and work on improving my eye for things even when I am close to home.

My main camera is a Bronica SQA, a 6x6 medium format camera, that I am absolutely in love with. I am also working on building my own large format camera, so I hopefully I will posting some sheets from that on here at some point later this year.

This post isn't from either of those cameras though, this first roll was shot on my Minolta XG-M over New Years Eve. I shot them on Kodak Tri-x that I pushed to 3200. The results were interesting... despite the high ISO, the space was quite dark and many of the frames ended up under-exposed. Regardless, I like the look of the few frames that survived: