Roll 2: I'm Cold!

This roll (well half a roll, I shot the first few frames a while back), required a lot of pain to produce.

I kept meaning to shoot some frames all week, but every morning as I got ready to leave, I forgot to pack a camera! Fast forward to Saturday, I had nothing for my roll this week and I needed to figure something out. So, I decided to take a walk by the Charles and get some pictures of its fresh covering of ice. The windchill was roughly 10 degrees. I can't operate my camera with gloves on. By the time I returned home I could barely move my fingers, and my ears were burning.

So the logical next question is "was it worth it?" The answer to that is.... sort of. I am a bit undecided on how I feel about these shots. I wish I had shot them in color, which may have done a better job of bringing out all of the hues in the ice.

In the spirit of the 52 rolls project and posting whatever I have, here they are!